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Betting reaches out a long ways past the gambling club floor, race track, and football pitch nowadays. Players are known to put down wagers on results, for example, the term of TV advertisements, what

groups will perform at the Oscars, or who will be close to win the overall races. These can be generally profoundly productive and incredibly fun things to wager on, however on the off chance that you’re ready to get considerably more intriguing and daring with your betting, there are a plenty of other capricious occasions and situations you can put cash on these days as well.

The following are 5 of the most strange and well known things you can wager on in the 21st 100 years.


A couple of years prior, Paddy Power set the chances for the world to end before 2018 at 500-1. This implied that any individual who put down a $100 bet would win $50,000 assuming Armageddon showed up before January 1, the next year. Different bookmakers have facilitated comparable stakes for anticipating how the world will end previously, including an outsider attack, space rock impact, an unnatural weather change, and the zombie end times.

We’re not completely certain how rewards would be paid out should the world stop existing. At any rate, not that cash would matter by then!

The Royal Family

At the point when the English government’s #1 lovebirds William and Kate reported their first child in quite a while, created a significant gain when a great many card sharks put down wagers on what sex it would be. They likewise took wagers for speculating the name, weight and when the child would be conceived.

Different wagers you can put on the British Royal Family incorporate what variety dress the Queen will wear to the Ascot races, who the best man will be at imperial weddings, alongside who will plan the dress, and other wedding expectations.


On the off chance that E.T. doesn’t find us first, you can likewise put bets on when mankind will have its most memorable experience with the third kind. Different bookmakers are allowing card sharks the opportunity to win cash in the event that they can foresee what year people will track down extraterrestrial creatures from 2020 forward.

It could appear to be senseless now, yet when you think that we are so near sending a vehicle to Mars, or the number of planets that we’ve found with the right circumstances for life as of now — still a truly likely situation could well occur in the course of our life!

The Future of Kim Jong-Un

In the event that you’re a genuine admirer of governmental issues and defilement, you can likewise wager on the scandalous Kim Jong-Un himself. Individuals have been known to wager on how the North Korean tyrant will be eliminated from power: either by turning in his notification, being killed or constrained out of his seat. A few odd bookmakers have likewise set chances for his itinerary, where you can wager on whether he’ll dare to Tokyo at 2/1 or 33/1 or to Moscow at 33/1. There are likewise chances for Guam, London, and Beijing.

Natural selection

An unquestionably untrustworthy thing you can wager on is the patient future in medical clinics. Specialists have guaranteed that medical caretakers have been referred to do this because of their resolutely lengthy movements and feeble compensation. The overall population are qualified to wager on the existences of the debilitated and penniless as well. Incredibly, it is generally a family member or close relative putting down the bet.

Concerning how this twisted and ghastly approach to betting works: individuals are expected to pay a participation expense to join and put down wagers. The bookmakers will then sort out for somebody to truly visit the emergency clinic and confirm that the patient has kicked the bucket.

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